Loans At First National Bank

Loans At First National Bank, We understand. You need cash to handle emergencies, make large purchases or meet expenses. At First National Bank, we’ll work closely with you to set up the loan that matches your specific need. We have a wide range of solutions at attractive interest rates and repayment options that won’t strain your monthly budget.  Let’s explore a lending option that best suits your unique needs.


Personal Loans

Whatever the reason for needing a loan; a new car or boat, or to make home improvements, First National Bank can help.

  • Flexible terms
  • Competitive rates
  • Automatic payment option


At First National Bank, helping our neighbors become homeowners is among the most gratifying opportunities we have. Let’s find the right mortgage solution that best fits your unique situation.

  • Flexible solutions
  • Experienced lenders
  • Helpful resources to get you started

Home Equity

Looking to launch a home improvement project? Want to consolidate debt or fund a major expense? Our Home Equity Loan experts can advise you on a simple, flexible and affordable solution, whatever your situation.

  • Pay off high-interest debt
  • Pay for home improvements
  • Finance a new car

Lines of Credit

Life happens. Sometimes you need a line of credit to take care of situations that require fast action. Your community bank understands.

  • Consolidate your monthly payments into one low
    interest rate payment
  • Borrow only the funds you need at the time you need them
  • Easy access to your funds

Letters of Credit


If the need should arise, your First National Bank team can create an import, export or standby letter of credit to strengthen your businesses’ negotiating power.

  • Improve cash flow in the U.S. and abroad
  • Bank honors drafts, checks or other demands for
    payment by the customer
  • Structure letter of credit terms that meet the needs of
    your specific trade or standby transaction