Investec Bank Bonds

Investec Bank Bonds

Investing in corporate bond markets provides an investor with exposure to an issuer company and may provide a return through the fixed coupon paid by the issuer, or through an increase in the bond price. Bonds are a high-risk investment where the investor takes direct credit risk exposure against the issuer. 

The value of bonds may fluctuate and income is not guaranteed. Your investment may not increase in value, and you may lose some or all of your investment.

This account is no longer available to new investors

When you want to be rewarded for long-term savings.

Designed to reward the long-term saver, this fixed-term bond pays 2.75% AER* for the first three years, and then increases to 3.00% AER* for the remaining two years.

The 5 Year Step Up Bond allows you to future-proof your savings by giving you an assured rate of return. When you know exactly what you are saving for, whether it be saving for your child’s education or your own retirement, our 5 Year Step Up Bond will ensure you get the most from your long-term savings.

Interest rate details

The 5 year Step Up Bond pays a competitive fixed rate of interest for the first three years and then a higher fixed rate of interest for the remaining two years. 

Term length

The term of the account is five years. You will not be able to close early or withdraw your money during the term of your account.


A minimum balance of £25,000 is required to open your 5 Year Step Up Bond. The maximum balance is £2,000,000.