How to Open a Capitec Bank Account Online

How to Open a Capitec Bank Account Online Any time

Opening a Capitec bank Account has become easier than expected due to the introduction of the Capitec Remote Onboarding where you can open a bank account from anywhere at any time, on your own without having to visit any banking hall.


Many a time people just want to sit in the comfort of their homes and perform their banking with ease, with the Capitec Mobile app, you have your bank on your smartphone.

We will take you through How to Open a Capitec Bank Account Online at any time. All you need is to follow the guide below step by step.


Can I Open A Capitec Bank Account Online?

Yes! You can open a Capitec bank account online through the process known as Remote Onboarding.

what is remote onboarding?

Capitec Bank Remote Onboarding is a process that offers the convenience of being able to open a bank account from your home. No one will know that you’re still wearing your pajamas and haven’t brushed your hair.

Documents Required to Open Capitec Bank Account Online

capitec bank account

To open a Capitec Bank account online, you will need the following documents

  • A valid SA ID or passport. 
  • Email Address
  • South African Mobile Phone number
  • A smartphone to take selfies.

How to Open a Capitec Bank Account Online

You need to follow the step by step guide below in order to open a capitec bank account using your smart phone.

Download Capitec Mobile App

To open a Capitec Bank account using the remote onboarding, you will first need to download the mobile app. iPhone or IOS users can download the Capitec mobile app from the App Store. Andriod users can also download the Capitec mobile app from the Play Store.


Scan Your Face on the Mobile App

Upon downloading the Capitec Mobile App onto your Smartphone, you will need to start the account opening process by scanning your face using the app. The app will direct where to hold your phone and when to move it closer to your face in order to capture your face in the right manner.

Scan ID Card

After scanning your face using the Capitec mobile app, the next step will be to scan your South African ID card using the app. You can use the old green ID with the barcode or the new smart card, you can also use your South African passport

After uploading a scanned copy of your ID card, the Capitec Mobile App will automatically compare your ID Card information and your scanned face with the details that the Department of Home Affairs has on you to make sure all the details are accurate and you are the person opening the bank account.

Fill in Personal Details

After confirmation by the app that you are really the one trying to open the bank account by using the data available with the Department of Home Affairs, you would now be asked to fill in your personal information.

Sign the Agreement Form

This is the final stage on how to open a Capitec bank account online is to sign the agreement form. You will not need to sign this agreement form personally. You will only need your face ID in order to sign these forms.

BOOM!! Your online account opening process with Capitec bank has been completed. you can now access all Capitec Bank Features on the Mobile App.


You will however need to visit any Capitec Bank Near you for your Instant Card. There is however a virtual card available on the app which card be used immediately.