HBZ Bank Internet Banking

HBZ Bank Internet Banking

In today’s globalized environment we are always on the move whether it’s meeting clients, suppliers, manufacturers, employees, friends, family, on holiday, etc. With all this to do, you still have to address your constantly changing banking needs.

Apply for eBanking

  1. Complete the HBZBankweb application form and business resolution / mandate and take it to the HBZ branch where your account is held.
  2. You will receive a copy from the branch for your records.
  3. Within 24 hours you will be notified by the branch to collect your sealed PIN mailer containing your login name and password.
  4. Ensure the person fetching the PIN mailer from the branch is the person authorised to do so on the Application Form.
  5. PIN mailers not fetched from the branch within 30 days will be destroyed.
  6. The person fetching the PIN mailer will be required to sign for receipt of the PIN mailer and prove their identity, so ensure they have their Identification Document

You can download any of the forms below by clicking the one you require. (These forms are in pdf. format)

To know more about HBZBankweb, the above forms and to get guidance on how to register refer to our Internet Banking Guide (.pdf format).

Back to E-Banking Features

  • SMS alerts
    Get an SMS every time there is a transaction in your account. To subscribe and get more details for this free service.
  • Trade finance transaction details on-line
    You can now get details of all your trade finance transactions on-line. For more on the type of trade finance transactions you get details on.
  • Open Letters of Credit and make amendments on-line
    You no longer have to go into a branch to open a Letter of Credit (LC) or make amendments to an existing LC. You can do this on-line via the HBZBankweb. In addition you can load the required documents onto the web, saving you the time of delivering them to the branch.
  • Bulk EFT payments
    This facility allows you to pay multiple beneficiaries at the same time, easily and conveniently.
  • Global Wire Transfer International Outward Payments
    This feature allows you to initiate an international outward payment on-line and load the required documents onto the web. Before doing a transaction contact your branch for details.
  • SARS payments
    You are able to make VAT, PAYE, Income Tax, Provisional Tax, Custom and Excise Duty payments on-line. Click on this Guide to SARS payments to get a simple explanation how to make the payment.
  • eStatement service
    Recieve your statements by email whenever you want. To subscribe and get more details for this free service 
  • HBZfax confirmation service
    Obtain a confirmation faxed to a fax number of your choice whenever certain transaction occur in your account. To subscribe and get more detail for this free service 
  • Apply for your cheque book online
    You no longer have to go into the branch with a cheque book re-order form, you can now order your cheque book on-line, and within a week the branch will notify you to pick up the cheque book.

Please contact your local branch manager for further information on any of the E-Banking options above