Grindrod Bank Sassa Loans

Grindrod Bank Sassa Loans

Grindrod, is one of the financial companies with most prestige and success in South Africa, as it has carefully established a wide variety of loans for its citizens, making sure all their needs are completely satisfied.


   In the following article, I will give you information regarding their Private Lending and other types of finance Grindrod gives access to its clients. Then, I will focus on the Sassa Project, which has been carefully developed by this company for the sake of all its customers. At the end of the article, I will give you the contact details of this company.

Grindrod´s Private Lending


    The company has created many options for its clients when it comes to loans, all of which have as its biggest aim to make private clients and businesses succeed in the market, make investments and gain profits. Moreover, their professionals offer careful guidance and will also give clients recommendations and tips so as to improve the lending experience.

   One of the ways Grindrod can help you is towards their PROPERTY FINANCE, which allows clients to have access to a huge array of properties for commercial purposes or for further projects they are involved in. Such finance also enables clients to obtain mortgages of about 70% of the total value of the property, which in fact is a lot.

   Another way of obtaining financial support is through the company´s MEZZAINE FINANCE, which is a mixture of the traditional mortgage granted by most companies and one equity funding. For this purpose, the different professionals from the company will carefully examine for the best options in terms of real estate properties, good investors, which will of course give benefits and profits to clients once the agreement is sealed. Which is why, the company has its own property staff, to make sure the best sellers and the best prices are found.

   Moreover, this type of finance allows clients to make use of different financial resources, so as to make many transactions such as deposits and transfers. And, they will of course experience a return of the capital they invested in. So, if you are interested in this kind of deal I strongly advise you to contact the company´s professionals so as to receive further details about it.

   You can also rely on a DEBTOR FINANCE, in order to increase your cash flow and eliminate the risks. This a loan whose financing term is really short and the purpose of that is that sometimes longer financing terms turn out to be a disadvantage for the customer, as he experiences a diminishment in its cash flow. Through a Debtor Finance, every type of business can make use of the cash it possesses instead of waiting until all their customers have complied with the payments. Moreover, businesses that apply for this loan, can have access to many discounts when it comes to dealing with suppliers and buyers.

Now, through a Debtor Finance, Grindrod Bank is willing to buy the debtors book, that is to say, to pay for a debt and can also make payments in a period of about 4 months, no more than that. This option is really recommended to those clients that have more than one debtor.



-You cash flow will really increase because the company will move on with almost 80% of your debtors book

-You will be able to make negotiations with offers and discounts, which will make you compete on a fair basis in the market. Those negotiations can be carried out due to the surplus cash to have access to thanks to the company

-The capital you own will immediately increase


Possessing a business that is well set in the market

-Possessing a debtor´s book which consists of more than R 10 million

-Having strict trading conditions with trade debtors. The trading conditions cannot be of more than 3 months

-Having a business that is being well controlled, managed and has a powerful financial organization

-Being able to manage your finances properly

-The company will only ask for collaterals to the business stakeholders

-Companies in the manufacturing area or the wholesale field can really be benefited by the bank, as the cash flow can be protected and unrevealed


Before starting with this project, let me tell you how you can contact their members if interested in Sassa:

-You can call on the following number so as to receive assistance: 0800 600 160. But, if you want to make a complaint, you can make use of the following number also used for cases of fraud and scams: 0800 601 011.

-You can send an email to the following email address: [email protected]

What is the SASA? It has to do with further services in the banking field that the South African Social Security Agency individuals can receive. In fact, they can receive up to R 10 million. This system works through a special card granted by the government of the country. In order for them to register, they will need to use electronic signature and also their fingerprints so as to enter the system and verify their personal information. All the beneficiaries of such benefit can easily obtain the funds in an electronic way which turns out to be a way of saving money in administration. What is more, the company stresses the importance of this system as being able to save more than R 10 billion in no more than five years.

  If you are interested in how this works, you need to know that the recipients of the SASSA are typically given a bank account from the company, without having to pay for charges each month. This account can be managed from home or at any branch of the bank or ATM. Moreover, it operates with MasterCard.

Contact details of Grindrod

You can enter the bank´s website and immediately send a message or even complete a form if you have any general inquiries about its loans


-You can go to one of the bank´s branches in Durban, which is in the Stamford Hill. The exact address is Kingsmead Office Park 5. Or you can go to another office in Johannesburg located in Sandton. The exact location is 8 Protea Place. It can be found inside the Grindrod Tower, on the 4th floor of this building.