Grindrod Bank Internet Banking

Grindrod Bank Internet Banking

Our Online Money Manager offering has been specifically developed to provide our clients with an office-based solution that is simple to navigate and convenient to use. Grindrod Bank’s Online Money Manager is designed to cater for the ever-growing need for a facility that is transparent, swift in its payments and offers competitive interest rates.

We have ensured this is carried through in all aspects by offering a banking platform that has no initiation fees, no bank charges and no transactional charges for third party payments. Further to this, we offer comprehensive reporting giving our agents and clients better insight into their finances and its performance.



  • Attorneys: Section 86 (2) accounts and issue property guarantees
  • Accountants: Trusts and/or Entities that can be managed and administered on behalf of clients
  • Executors: Estate Late accounts and execute 3rd party payments
  • Financial Advisors & Intermediaries: non-discretionary deposit accounts on behalf of clients
  • Financial Institutions & Asset Managers: transact as discretionary financial service providers
  • Estate Agents: Section 32 fund accounts in terms of the Estate Agency Affairs Board
  • Trustees & Liquidators: client accounts and execute 3rd party payments


  • NO initiation fees, NO bank charges, NO transactional charges for 3rd party payments
  • FREE issuance of Property Guarantees
  • Highly competitive interest rates – NO Tiers applicable
  • Easy to use and simple to navigate
  • Convenient, safe & secure online banking solution
  • Dedicated Portfolio Managers
  • Comprehensive reporting and accounting information
  • Various account options – range of call accounts, fixed deposits and Prime-linked notice accounts