Grindrod Bank Fixed Deposit

Grindrod Bank Fixed Deposit

A Grindrod Bank Fixed Deposit account allows you to deposit funds for a specific period (see table below) with a pre-determined interest rate that does not fluctuate during the duration of the deposit.  

A discretionary minimum deposit amount of R50 000 is required for fixed deposits.

TABLE OF RATES (UPDATED: 05 November 2021)

PeriodNACMYieldAnnual Effective
1 Week3.30%3.30%3.35%
2 Weeks3.40%3.40%3.45%
3 Weeks3.50%3.50%3.56%
1 Month3.60%3.60%3.66%
2 Months3.64%3.65%3.70%
3 Months3.84%3.85%3.91%
4 Months4.18%4.20%4.26%
5 Months4.37%4.40%4.46%
6 Months4.61%4.65%4.71%
7 Months4.79%4.85%4.90%
8 Months4.98%5.05%5.10%
9 Months5.06%5.15%5.18%
10 Months5.25%5.35%5.38%
11 Months5.38%5.50%5.51%
12 Months5.51%5.65%5.65%
18 Months5.77%5.85%5.93%
24 Months6.30%6.40%6.49%
36 Months6.88%7.00%7.10%

Deposit rates published on this website are indicative. Please contact us for a firm quote.