First National Bank Zelle

First National Bank Zelle, With Zelle and First National Bank, you can use Online Banking or one of the region’s top-ranked mobile banking apps,* FNB Direct, to quickly and easily send and receive money. Use Zelle to:


      Send money directly to the recipient using just their U.S. mobile phone number or email address, typically in minutes.1


      Send a request for money. The person who receives the request will be able to accept or decline. If they accept, you will typically receive the money in minutes.1


    If you need to split a bill or share a cost with multiple people, you can use the split feature to calculate how much everyone owes and send a request for money.

Zelle is currently available through First National Bank’s Online Banking and Mobile Banking. If you already use First National Bank’s Online or Mobile Banking, just log in to begin using Zelle. Otherwise, enroll in Online Banking to get started.