First National Bank Wills

First National Bank Wills, Probably the most important document that you will sign during your lifetime – your Will enables you to document your personal wishes regarding the distribution of all your assets to your beneficiaries


Why you need a Will

A Will is a legal document which

  • Allows you to appoint heirs of your choice
  • Allows for the nomination of a guardian for minor children
  • Enables you to make provision for a trust to be set up for the protection of the inheritance of minors
  • Includes the nomination of an executor and trustee of your choice
  • Is the cornerstone of your estate plan

Factors to consider

  • Your marriage contract could have an impact on how you draft your Will
  • A Will is only valid if executed correctly (signed and witnessed)
  • A Will should be reviewed on an ongoing basis (consider the birth of a child, buying property, divorce, etc.)
  • Consider drafting a separate Will for your offshore assets
  • Ensure that you have adequately dealt with your business interests

Get rewarded

Get 1000 points when you draft a Will, nominate FNB as the executor and keep your signed Will in FNB’s custody.