First National Bank Unit Trusts

First National Bank Unit Trusts, Unit Trusts, the smart way to save and beat inflation. The FNB Horizon Series has been specifically designed to take the complexity out of investing and offers investors superior fund solutions, with exposure to inflation-beating returns over different time horizons.


The Horizon Series

Anyone can invest with FNB

Our Horizon Series is a range of five expertly modeled funds, which have been built to ensure that investors derive the maximum level of benefit based on their specific investment period.

FNB has worked in close partnership with investment specialists across FirstRand Bank to ensure that we bring you a simple but superior investment range


Why invest in Unit Trusts?

  • Earn eBucks
  • Beat Inflation – as the cost of living increases, you need your money to increase with inflation investing in an FNB Fund allows your money to do that
  • Long-term gains – Investing in the long term gives your money a better chance to grow and cushion you against market volatility
  • Get instant diversification into hard-to-reach markets
  • The investment options are flexible and tailored in terms of risk and investment term
  • Benefit from economies of scale, through collective purchases
  • Liquidity, should the need arise and you need to get access to your capital you can easily exit from your investment however, in the interest of maximum returns we do not recommend this
  • With the Horizon Series anyone can invest with FNB

What’s hot

Your goals. Our expertise.

Our Horizon Series targets different returns over different time horizons, allowing you to take the
appropriate level of risk to achieve your medium to longer term investment goals.


Find your perfect fund

Understanding your investment goals

You may already know what type of investment you are looking for, for example a Tax-Free Savings Account, an Investment Account, a Living Annuity, a Retirement Annuity, a Provident Fund or an Endowment. If not, do not worry. We will help you invest your money in a solution that best meets your investment needs.

What do you want to save for?

  • An unforgettable honeymoon
  • Your child’s education
  • A deposit on a house
  • A comfortable retirement
Identify the best fund for you

Simply decide how long you want to invest for and this will help you identify the best fund for you.