First National Bank Of n Arkansas

First National Bank Of n Arkansas, At First National Bank of North Arkansas we are known as “the old bank with new ideas”.  Having been in business since 1889, we have seen a lot of changes in banking.  Through these changes we continue to strive to provide our customers with all of the necessary resources to make their experience the best it can be………for today and tomorrow.  We have invested heavily into our banking infrastructure and into the latest technology offerings, for both our internal processing and for our customer’s access to their account information.


We were one of the first banks in our region to offer Internet banking, back when it was new.  We were also one of the first banks in the state to offer check imaging.  Continuing with technology in the forefront, we offer Mobile banking, Mobile BillPay, smart phone Apps, PopMoney, remote deposits, and a host of other technology solutions.

With FNBNA you can experience both the security of banking with the area’s oldest bank, and the convenience of 24/7 banking through our implementation of the latest technology offerings.




1889 Founded by Dr. W.P. George as the Carroll County Bank.

1913 Received National Bank Charter and renamed First National Bank of Berryville.

1926 Digby C. West began a 58 year banking career which included serving as President of the Arkansas Bankers Association in 1960.

1933 Survived and stayed open during THE GREAT DEPRESSION when 3/4 of Arkansas banks closed.

1975 Granted Trust Powers and to this day have the only home based Trust Department in Carroll County.

1986 Opened Carroll Center office in Berryville, Arkansas.

1989 100th Anniversary: Total Assets $86,000,000.00

1990 Opened office in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

1991 Opened office in Green Forest, Arkansas.


1994 Employee Stock Ownership Trust formed with employees purchasing 33% of the bank.

1994 Wayne Clark, Chairman and CEO elected President of the Arkansas Bankers Association.

1996 Opened office in Holiday Island, Arkansas.

1996 Opened office in Berryville, Arkansas called our 62 West Office.

2003 Opened office in Huntsville, Arkansas.

2007 Opened office in Harrison, Arkansas.

2011 Changed name to First National Bank of North Arkansas to better facilitate planned expansion.

2011 Opened office in Marshall, Arkansas.

2012 Opened office in Yellville, Arkansas.

2013 Opened new office in Harrison, Arkansas.

2014 Celebrated 125th anniversary.

2014 Opened new office in Green Forest, Arkansas.


Contact Us

By Phone:

Locally: (870) 423-6601

or email: [email protected]

Mailing Address (all locations):

P.O. Box 367,
Berryville, AR 72616

Business Locations:

Berryville Square
305-307 Public Square

Eureka Springs Office
149 Huntsville Road Unit A

Green Forest Office
604 West Main Street

Harrison South Office
200 Rush Ave

Harrison North Office
1311 Hwy 62-65 NE

Holiday Island Office
5 Forest Park Avenue


Huntsville Office
403 West Main Street

Highway 62W Office (Berryville)
1004 W Trimble Street

Trust Department (Berryville)
Berryville Carroll Center Office
910 W. Trimble St., Ste. 1

Marshall Office
620 Highway 65


Yellville Office
317 HWY 62 West