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FNB to lift its interest rate by 0.25% following repo rate increase

18 November 2021: Referring to the recent rate hike, FNB CEO Jacques Celliers said that it was indicative of economic recovery amidst improving domestic demand, rising global inflation and normalizing global interest rates. He also expressed hope that the national electricity grid could be stabilized to enable sustainable economic growth.


FNB announces R450 million residential property deal

17 November 2021: Amid growing demand and with interest rates at an all-time low, FNB is proud to announce a deal with Balwin Properties that will make R450 million available for the development of Thabo-Echo Village. The deal cemented the bank’s commitment to helping facilitate first-time homeowners entering the formal housing market.

FNB celebrates winning Best SME Bank in South Africa and Africa

10 November 2021: With FNB now recognized as the bank that best meets the specialized needs of SMEs in South Africa and Africa by Global Finance, FNB CEO, Jacques Celliers and FNB Commercial CEO, Gordon Little, share their thoughts on what the humbling accolade means to the bank and the African continent in which they operate.


FNB continues to drive entrepreneurship

04 November 2021: More than 25 000 businesses are now benefitting from industry-leading features through the First Business Zero Account, and over 192 000 entrepreneurs use Fundaba to increase their business knowledge and skills.

FNB recognised for supporting female entrepreneurs

26 October 2021: At the Global SME Finance Awards 2021, FNB was acknowledged in the Best Bank for Women Entrepreneurs category through an Honorable Mention for its Women in Business portfolio. FNB is committed to empowering female entrepreneurs and positively impacting the communities in which they operate.

FNB Art Prize winner exhibits at the Johannesburg Art Gallery

20 October 2021: Wycliffe Mundopa has won the 2021 FNB Art Prize receiving a cash prize and a solo exhibition at the Johannesburg Art Gallery. As the sponsor, FNB remains committed to empowering artists to become change agents in their communities through their artwork.

Assess your finances in your golden years with these five financial steps

18 October 2021: Retire comfortably with complete peace of mind and the financial wellbeing you deserve when you turn sixty by following these five crucial steps.

Paying and renewing license discs just got simpler with new online service

11 October 2021: FNB Public Sector CEO, Sipho Silinda touches on FNB’s partnership with the Road Traffic Management Corporation, and the new online payment gateway enabling motorists to easily renew and pay for their license discs.

FNB leads innovation with the launch of two new payments solutions for SMEs

06 October 2021 As a leader in innovation, FNB continues to invest significantly in creating new platform-based capabilities and solutions to ensure that it stays ahead of changing market dynamics and evolving customer needs.

FNB recognised as one of the most Valuable Brands in Africa

30 September 2021 FNB was once again recognised as one of the Most Valuable Brands in Africa according to the latest Brand Finance Africa 150™ 2021 valuation report. The bank was also the highest ranked banking brand in the continent.

FNB proves that digital is king with solid financial year-end results

16 September 2021 Positive results lead to a rebound in transactional activity, a growing customer base and a robust migration to FNB’s digital platform. FNB CEO Jacques Celliers, shares his thoughts on the bank’s solid earnings growth for the year ending 30 June 2021.

Peruse the financial results infographic for an in-depth overview.

FNB maintains its position as the Most Valuable Brand in South Africa, for a second consecutive year.

02 September 2021 As a purpose-led brand, FNB continues to push and redefine boundaries on what ‘help’ means to customers and society. This accolade is testament to the evolution of FNB to become more than just a bank, but rather a trusted financial services and lifestyle partner to their customers.

Invest in shares using an FNB Shares Zero Account

26 August 2021 With an FNB Shares Zero Account, customers can begin or expand on their journey of share ownership by investing in global stock markets while paying no monthly account fees.

Women need to be involved in decision-making when it comes to their financial future

25 August 2021 Matlhodi Leteane, Head of Operations at FNB Fiduciary, encouraged women to take control of their financial destiny by assessing and quantifying their current and future assets and utilising a professional to put together an estate plan.

FNB’s global ETN programme soars with new ESG offering

17 August 2021 With the highly popular range of ETNs previously launched by FNB in 2020, the bank now looks to the expansion of their new ETNs having a value-added Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) overlay, with the same low minimum investment of just R10.

FNB is the first to offer smart devices on its app over a 24-month contract

10 August 2021 FNB’s customers can now purchase smart devices over a 24-month repayment period via the FNB App – made possible by FNB Connect.

FNB looks to retain local talent with more employment opportunities

29 July 2021 With the success of FNB’s graduate programme over the years, FNB’s CEO Jacques Celliers explores how investing in high-quality local talent can inspire economies and businesses to unlock innovation, growth and social upliftment.

FNB confirms relief measures to help individual and business customers impact by unrest

26 July 2021 FNB recognises the significant impact that the unrest has had on individuals, businesses, and regional economies of KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng. This comes at a difficult time when South Africa is still grappling with the health and economic impact of the Covid-19 global pandemic.

Consumers and businesses find relief with unchanged interest rates

22 July 2021 With FNB maintaining its prime lending rate at 7%, the bank’s CEO Jacques Celliers praises SARB’s decision to keep rates unchanged, enabling consumers and businesses to find relief.

The importance of saving and becoming financially resilient

13 July 2021 The devastating pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have reinforced the importance of saving for unforeseen emergencies and unplanned events. In order to accomplish this, as South Africans, we need to identify our personal savings goals and invest our extra funds in the appropriate savings vehicles.

Ensure that your life insurance fully covers your loved ones for the long run

07 July 2021 Head of Growth at FNB Fiduciary, Johan Strydom, touches on the three distinctive phases of financial needs that family members face, after a loved one passes away. He also explores how your life insurance should be able to support these phases.

Public sector institutions and their customers are leaning towards digital payments

07 July 2021 CEO of Public Sector Banking, Sipho Silinda touches on the demise of cheques in South Africa and the steady increase in the use of digital payment channels.

A glimpse into FNB’s 2021 franchise and economic outlook

29 June 2021 FNB Economist, Thanda Sithole, is confident that a solid cyclical economic growth rebound is underway and South Africa is on a slow road to recovery.

FNB assists Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital with repairs

28 June 2021 In the true spirit of help, FNB leadership, together with RMB, assisted Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital with repairs after half its property caught fire in April.

Sustainable trade and economic growth is still a possibility for South Africa

24 June 2021 Bobby Madhav, Head of Trade and Structured Trade and Commodity Finance at FNB, gives his views on fuelling South Africa’s long-term economic recovery.

Five tips for the youth to start building a secure financial future.

23 June 2021 South African youth (aged 18-34) are estimated to account for roughly a third of the country’s population. At FNB, we believe that an early start to understanding effective money management will prepare them for a prosperous financial future. We want the youth to embrace, celebrate and inspire positive change through a deeper understanding of how they can achieve financial freedom and eliminate debt. Sometimes it’s the smallest change in behaviour that makes the biggest difference.

New DebiCheck offering gives debit order collections for businesses a boost

21 June 2021 With DebiCheck being rolled out by all major banks, Head of the Commercial Transactional Pillar at FNB Commercial, Laura Deva shares her thoughts.

FNB explores franchise growth post Covid-19

17 June 2021 Head of franchising at FNB Commercial, Morne Cronje shares on the challenges of growing a franchise network post Covid-19.

FNB explores how poor pest and disease control threaten sustainability

14 June 2021 Senior Agricultural Economist at FNB, Paul Makube, shares his thoughts on South Africa’s well-established disease and pest management regime, as well as the overall risks involved.

With power interruptions on the rise, SMEs look to solar energy

10 June 2021 CEO of FNB Commercial Property Finance, Preggie Pillay and his team, urge SMEs to consider solar energy as a viable investment to help combat the losses experienced during power interruptions.

FNB’s Business Call Account aims to help SMEs manage cash flow

08 June 2021 Vaughan David, CEO of Cash Investments: Business at FNB, offers SMEs pockets of wisdom around cash flow management and how the FNB Business Call Account can cater to their specific needs.

FNB launches #TheChangeables campaign together with refreshed bank cardss

07 June 2021 #TheChangeables celebrates and inspires positive change across Africa. In the spirit of change, FNB is also launching a refreshed design across its range of bank cards that will be made available to customers at no additional cost.


FNB’s unchanged monthly account fees leave room for businesses to save

03 June 2021 FNB is keeping monthly account fees unchanged for business customers across the board for the third year running.

FNB business customers save more with no changes to monthly account fees

03 June 2021 FNB is keeping monthly account fees unchanged for business customers across the board for the third year running. Some transactions are also free or reduced – read more about how FNB helps business save every month.

FNB launches new Aspire bank account

03 June 2021 The new FNB Aspire bank account for middle-income customers will replace the current FNB Gold account. With the new bank account, customers can pay their account fees by using eBucks via the FNB App

FNB is South Africa’s most valuable banking brand for a fourth consecutive year

27 May 2021 For a fourth consecutive year, FNB has been voted as the most valuable banking brand in the 2021 Brand Finances South African 50 report, leading with a brand value of R22.1 billion.

Money market funds and savings accounts – the key differences

03 May 2021 2021: Money Market funds and savings account are instruments used by investors and savers, looking to grow wealth in a risk averse manner. There are however key differences in the various savings solutions that investors and savers need to be aware of.

FNB sets a new standard for protecting customer data

20 April 2021: FNB set a new norm for handling customer data in the South African banking industry. Customers can now update and manage their personal and business details to ensure compliance via a secure financial platform.

Simple habits to help drive your children’s behaviour with money

13 April 2021: Supporting your children with their physical, emotional, social, financial and intellectual development from a young age is critical before they mature into adulthood.

Unchanged interest rates a catalyst for sustainable economic activity

25 March 2021: Johannesburg: Following the South African Reserve Bank’s (SARB) decision to keep the repo rate unchanged, FNB will similarly maintain its prime lending rate at 7%.

FNB acquires Selpal to accelerate financial inclusion in townships

23 March 2021: FNB has made significant strides in supporting and becoming more relevant to community-based businesses. To reaffirm its commitment, FNB has acquired 100% of Selpal – a fintech company that operates specifically in townships and rural sectors of the economy.

Added value through cost-effective solutions and rewards for FNB customers

18 March 2021: Practicing healthy money habits and adjusting how you do your everyday banking can go a long way in stretching your money further for your short and long-term goals. Over the years, FNB has been on a journey to help its customers to better manage their money through cost-effective financial solutions, a broad range of safer banking channels and meaningful value through eBucks, the best rewards programme in the industry.

Understanding your options to tax-free saving and investment success

11 March 2021: The first of March 2021 ushered in a new tax year for South Africans, which means it’s a good time to invest some time and thought into how you put in place a well-considered money management plan for the coming 12 months.

Covid-19 is fundamentally changing the philanthropy landscape

11 March 2021: In many ways the Covid-19 pandemic brought out the best in mankind. At the height of the pandemic, people and organisations demonstrated levels of care and empathy that exceeded anything we have witnessed in recent history.

FNB interim results reflect improvement in economic activity

04 March 2021: First National Bank’s (FNB’s) performance for the six months to 31 December 2020 reflects some improvement in the operating environment despite sustained pressure on consumers and businesses due to Covid-19 and the related lockdown measures.

Five money principles to live by

18 February 2021: Money matters and finances continue to be a widely talked about subject. The pandemic has not only been onerous and taxing on everyone’s lives, but it has also created undue financial pressure on households globally.

Five money principles to live by

18 February 2021″ Money matters and finances continue to be a widely talked about subject. The pandemic has not only been onerous and taxing on everyone’s lives, but it has also created undue financial pressure on households globally.

FNB’s holistic help to minimise the impact of the pandemic

10 February 2021: In 2020, the Bank offered digital platform -based Cashflow Relief to individuals and business customers, covering 700 000 agreements with loan balances in excess of R100 billion. FNB Life assisted with R300 million worth of Credit Life claims for customers who sadly were retrenched.

Offshore trading enhanced by comprehensive, high-quality research

08 February 2021: 08 February 2021: A well-considered offshore investment or share trading strategy is an effective way of diversifying a portfolio geographically which, as the increased market volatility created by Covid-19 has demonstrated, should be a non-negotiable component of any investment strategy.

FNB’s eBucks rewards programme is revolutionising financial services

02 February 2021: eBucks is South Africa’s leading rewards programme that has spent the past 20 years driving good banking behaviour and rewarding customers. To date, customers have redeemed R13.3 billion in eBucks through a network spanning 30 partners nationwide.

SA’s only provider of life insurance that pays-out claims proactively

26 January 2021: FNB Life is rapidly transforming life insurance and providing digitally-led platform insurance solutions. FNB Life is the only insurance provider in South Africa that uses Home Affairs Data to proactively pay-out claims.

2021 represents a new start despite second wave

21 January 2021: With interest rates remaining unchanged, FNB CEO Jacques Celliers points out that although the Covid-19 pandemic continues to impact our society, there is room for relief if we all do our part.

Thrive in 2021 with SA’s Best Digital Bank

19 January 2021: FNB was recently awarded top honours for both the mobile Banking App as well as the Internet Banking categories by SITEisfaction. See how the bank is further increasing its focus and investments on technology and data platforms to assist customers in 2021.

Bank on SA’s most valuable brand in 2021

11 January 2021: This year, FNB is increasing its focus on building even more trust and further assisting their customers to thrive – despite increased economic uncertainty.

Global Recognition for SA’s Best Business Bank

04 January 2021: FNB’s market-leading approach to providing helpful and contextual financial solutions to support business customers has been recognised through the accolade of Global SME Bank of The Year at the Global SME Finance Awards Ceremony late in 2020.

End of cheques a giant leap into digital payments future, says FNB CEO.

28 December 2020 By 1 January 2021, individual consumers and businesses will no longer be able to cash cheques in South Africa. This follows a joint announcement by the SARB, FSCA, PASA and BASA which confirmed that the issuing and acceptance or collection of cheques will cease from 31 December 2020

Employees recognised for pioneering platform innovations

09 December 2020: Employees are challenged to constantly think differently, therefore innovation is embedded in their DNA – the longstanding Innovators programme showcases and celebrates platform innovations.

FNB expands the list of international brands where investors can get exposure from as little as R10

01 December 2020: Following the overwhelming response to the listing of Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs) on its platform, FNB is expanding the list of international companies available by adding Adobe, Ford, Activision Blizzard, Berkshire Hathaway, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, PayPal and Visa.

Glimmer of hope despite a tough economic year, says FNB

19 Novermber 2020, Johannesburg: Following the South African Reserve Bank’s (SARB) decision to keep interest rates unchanged, FNB confirms it will keep its prime lending rate at 7%

FNB unveils new Smart Solutions for consumers and a marketplace for SMEs on its banking App

09 November 2020: FNB has launched its latest edition of innovative nav» Smart Tools on the FNB App to help customers manage their money better through dynamic budgeting; as well as facilitating access to market and creating a digital marketplace for FNB-banked SMEs in the home services category.

FNB crowned the best SME Bank in the world

28 October 2020: FNB announced as the SME Bank of the Year at the Global SME Finance Forum Virtual awards ceremony held on 27 October.

FNB and Shoprite Group help customers replace bank cards in stores

26 October 2020: FNB and the Shoprite Group have expanded their partnership by allowing FNB Easy Pay As You Use and Smart Option account holders to replace lost or stolen bank cards in more than 700 Shoprite and Checkers stores across South Africa.

SA Rugby delighted to announce the extension of the FNB sponsorship

13 October 2020: SA Rugby and FNB confirmed on Tuesday that the South African banking giant has extended its sponsorship of the Springboks for a further five years.

FNB has announced that consumers can now own shares in Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Tesla & Netflix for as little as R10

7 October 2020 First National Bank (FNB) has announced that individual consumers and institutional investors in South Africa will now have an opportunity to get exposure to shares from as little as R10 in some of the world’s best performing companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Netflix, Tesla, Coca Cola and Alphabet which owns Google

Your wardrobe can help you understand your share portfolio


28 September 2020 – Building a balanced and well diversified portfolio is the aim of every long-term investor, but it can be easier said than done. Building your wardrobe is a far less daunting topic than building a portfolio, however both share similar characteristics.