First National Bank Middelburg (m)

First National Bank Middelburg (m), FNB Middelburg Mall should be closed down they offer no service at all and can never assisst you it is a disgrace for a bank to be put in a mall but cannot help you. I was one person left in the que when the enquiries lady puts up her board that she is closed after waiting 20 minutes in that line only 2 be told I must sit in the next que with 7 people in front of me just for a statement! This happens all the time enquiries can never assisst! This branch is useless and should rather be closed

First National Bank
Address: 19 Market St, Middelburg, Middelburg M, 1050, South Africa
City of Mpumalanga
,Post Office box: 48, Middelburg, Middelburg (M), 1050
Phone number:
013 243 1940
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Business hours

Monday – Friday
8.30 – 16.00
8.30 – 11.30