First National Bank Loan Application

First National Bank Loan Application, Get a Personal Loan of up to R300 000 with a personalised interest rate from as low as 13% for planned or unplanned expenses. Whether you need extra money to help turn your house into your dream home, walk down the aisle or go on that well-deserved holiday, FNB has the right credit solution for your every need.

Pay no initiation fee when you top up your existing FNB Personal Loan
What you get

Access to additional funds of up to R300 000, plus you also save on fees by paying one set of fees, one interest rate and one monthly repayment.

How to get more and do more
  • Ensure all your accounts are up to date
  • Don’t take up more credit than you need

  • Track your credit health regularly using nav» Money on the FNB App


How a personal loan can help you


Whether it’s for your personal needs or emergency, using

Features and benefits

Personalised interest rate

  • Get a tailored fixed interest rate from as low as 12.75% per annum.

Fixed repayments

  • Your repayment amount stays the same each month with up to 60 months to pay.

No penalty fees

  • FNB will not charge you any penalties if you settle your loan early.

Take A-Break in January*

  • Keep your personal loan up to date and automatically get a well-deserved payment break every January.

Credit life insurance

  • We make sure you are covered with our credit insurance.
  • *Only applicable to personal loan accounts on repayments terms of over 6 months and up to date with monthly repayments.

Estimated loan repayment

  • The estimated monthly repayment on a R30 000 loan taken over 24 months at an interest rate of 18% per annum would be R1 796, which includes all services and initiation fees.