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Privacy Policy

Respecting your privacy

The Privacy Policy governs the manner in which the bank treats your personal information collected electronically when you use our website.

What this is

We respect your privacy + personal information

This Privacy Policy governs the manner in which First National Bank (‘we’, ‘our’, the ‘bank’) treats your personal information collected electronically when you use our website (which can be found at, apply online for certain products and services, contact us electronically or register for one of the services offered on the website.


We respect your privacy and your personal information and for this reason, we take all reasonable measures, in accordance with this Policy, to protect your personal information and to keep it confidential, even when you are no longer our customer.

We also voluntarily subscribe to the principles, outlined in Section 51 of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 2002 (‘ECT Act’), which govern your right to having your personal information kept private.

We briefly outline these principles below:

  • We will only collect, disclose, collate, process and store (‘use’) your personal information with your express written permission unless legally required to do so, and will only use such information for the lawful purpose for which it is required.
  • We will disclose in writing, the specific purpose for which we use, request and store your personal information. We will also keep a record of that personal information and the specific purpose for which we collect it.
  • We will not use your personal information for any other purpose, other than that which we disclosed to you, unless you give us your express written permission to do so, or unless we are permitted to do so by law


Protecting privacy of children

FNB takes the privacy of children very seriously.

Children under the age of 13 years should obtain their guardian’s consent before providing/submitting any personal information about themselves on the FNB website.

FNB will not require children under this age to provide any personal information other than that which is reasonably necessary to use the FNB website.

If FNB determines that a user is under the age of 13, FNB will not use or maintain his/her personal information without the guardian’s consent.


Confidentiality + security

All we know about you istreated as personal

FNB has physical, technological and procedural security safeguards in place and will use its best endeavours to protect your personal information.

Personal information refers to information that identifies or relates specifically to you, for example

  • Your name
  • Age
  • Identity number
  • Your assets + liabilities
  • Your income
  • Your payment records

Any information about what you buy, where you shop, where you bank, how you invest and all related information will also be regarded as personal information.

In short, any information that we know about you will be regarded as your personal information.