First National Bank Internet Banking

First National Bank Internet Banking, Take advantage of banking that goes beyond the traditional – whether you are already a client or new to FNB.
Experience unlimited banking that combines quality, usability, safety and easy-of-use to manage your money anywhere, anytime.


Online Banking offers a range of transfer and payment facilities such as:

  • A secure environment with cutting edge security features. These include card and PIN authentication when you register and notifcation when you login including a unique One Time Pin (OTP) that is sent to you instantaneously via SMS or email
  • A full money back guarantee* in the case of online fraud committed on your account

* This offer only applies if you have activated the inContact service and you have taken adequate care to look after your access details.


Once you have registered on Online Banking and created your profile, you can add other users to your profile and assign various permissions to these users such as View permissions and transacting limits.

  • You have full management of users, as you can add, modify and delete their details on your profile
  • In this way, people you appoint as users such as family members or staff members in your business can view and transact on Online Banking

There is no fee to subscribe to Online Banking.


Everything youneed in one place

  • View your accounts in the applicable currency
  • View real-time balances of all your bank accounts
  • View up to 65 days of transaction history on certain
  • View and download transaction history real-time
  • Send a payment advice to any email address, local fax or cellphone number
  • Cancel ATM cards that have been lost or stolen
  • Use inContact, a messaging service that alerts you via
    email to all activity on your accounts
  • Purchase airtime on any mobile network provider
  • Submit requests to stop cheques
  • Set up and maintain your recipients online
  • View a list of public recipients
  • Receive payment notifications by SMS, fax and email

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