First National Bank Insurance

First National Bank Insurance, Having the right kind of insurance is critical to future financial security. We pride ourselves in offering real value, convenience and transparency combined with excellent service.


Life Insurance

Simpler, smarter life insurance

We’re changing how life insurance works, to work with your life.

We’ve made it simpler, giving you the control of choosing what really suits you and your needs.
With easy-to-understand choices in straightforward language, and an application process that takes minutes, right from your phone.


All because we believe life insurance shouldn’t get in the way of living life.

FNB Funeral Plan

Planning a funeral is always a difficult time for any family, that’s why our Funeral Plan is easy to understand and even easier to apply for. You not only get financial peace of mind in unfortunate times, but also get more value and rewards with eBucks every month.

We pay out claims within 24 hours of receiving all the required documents so you can rest assured that you and your loved ones are covered.

  • Family Funeral Bundles from R20 000 for R89 pm
  • Get R100 000 cover for you and your spouse
  • Get R50 000 cover for your parents
  • Get R30 000 cover for your children
  • Earn extra eBucks every month

FNB Health Cash Plan

What is a Health Cash Plan?

Have you considered that being in hospital may well cause you to be unable to work and earn money? Have you ever thought of all the costs associated with hospitalisation outside of your medical bills?


Being hospitalised has the potential to leave a big gap in your income. It can cause financial stress because you’ll be worrying about the money needed to pay for daily expenses and bills which don’t stop just because you are in hospital. The FNB Health Cash Plan may be your solution as it covers non-medical expenses as a result of hospitalisation in a qualifying hospital.

Ensure you and your familyare taken care of

Accidents can and do happen, unfortunately. However having an FNB Accidental Death Plan will make coping with the financial burdens over and above the emotional trauma of loss more manageable.

Peace of mind in adifficult situation

Debt protection covers your outstanding debt in the event of death, disability or unemployment/inability to earn an income.

To keep your rideon the move

Having the right insurance to keep you in motion is critical. FNB’s car insurance options are bound to fit your requirements and your pocket.

To keep your sweet home safe

Having a helping hand when disasters hit home is essential. FNB’s home insurance options are bound to fit your requirements and your pocket.

Professional assistance

With FNB’s Law on Call you get professional legal assistance and advice for labour, civil and criminal matters 24/7. We also draft up to 50 legal documents and contracts per year. Terms and conditions apply

Travelling the world

Comprehensive Global Travel Insurance will keep you covered no matter where you go in the world.

Get FREE Comprehensive Global Travel Insurance cover when you use your qualifying FNB Cheque or Credit card to purchase your local or international return travel ticket(s).

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