First National Bank Hospital Plan

First National Bank Hospital Plan, Have you considered that being in hospital may well cause you to be unable to work and earn money? Have you ever thought of all the costs associated with hospitalisation outside of your medical bills?


Being hospitalised has the potential to leave a big gap in your income. It can cause financial stress because you’ll be worrying about the money needed to pay for daily expenses and bills which don’t stop just because you are in hospital. The FNB Health Cash Plan may be your solution as it covers non-medical expenses as a result of hospitalisation in a qualifying hospital.

What you get

Why choose our FNB Health Cash Plan?

The FNB Health Cash Plan pays out your chosen daily cash benefit for non-medical expenses as a result of hospitalisation in a qualifying hospital, if you are hospitalised for more than 48 consecutive hours. You can use the money in whichever way you want.


The FNB Health Cash Plan gives you the opportunity to cover your spouse, up to 8 children, 4 parents or parents-in-law and up to 7 extended family members. Cover yourself (main member) from just R50 per month and children from as little as R12 per month.

You also enjoy toll free telephonic access to the Europ Assistance Personal Health Advisor service which provides emergency medical advice from qualified nurses in any of the 11 official South African languages, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Experience an easy and fuss-free take-up claims process.


Who qualifies for this plan?

  • Exclusively available to an FNB or RMB Private Bank transactional account holder
  • South African citizens who have a valid SA ID document or Smart ID card
  • Minimum entry age for plan holders and spouses is 18
  • Minimum entry age for parents and parents-in-law is 35 and for children and extended family members the minimum entry age is from birth
  • Maximum entry age is 74 for parents, parents-in-law and for extended family and 17 for children.

Things you need to know

This is not a medical scheme and the cover is not the same as that of a medical scheme. This policy is not a substitute for medical scheme membership (medical aid).

Monthly premiums must be paid from your FNB or RMB Private Bank transactional account. You may cancel the plan at any time. The plan will not pay out if illness, injury or dependence syndrome occurs as a result of the use of alcohol/drugs. The plan and all cover will end if you do not pay your agreed monthly premiums.

The Health Cash Plan has waiting periods which apply. This means you cannot claim in the first 3 months of cover due to reasons other than accidents; in the first 12 months cover due to pregnancy, or due to specific pre-existing conditions.