First National Bank Gateway

First National Bank Gateway, First National Bank offers a variety of services to its customers including personal and corporate loans, personal and corporate insurance, investment management services, wealth and asset management services, home loans and more, all with one vision in mind: to be able to assist all its clients in every possible way.

First National Bank has many reward programs in place, (such as eBucks) which are purely there for the benefit of its clients and continues to come up with ways to make banking as easy, pain free and as rewarding as possible.

Payment gateway for First National Bank

PayGate is a payment gateway linked for credit card processing and ecommerce for merchants with business banking and merchant facilities at First National Bank.

PayGate minimum requirements for processing to a First National Bank internet merchant facility

The minimum requirements to apply through PayGate payment gateway for a First National Bank merchant facility are:

  • You must have a business banking account with First National Bank
  • The bank account with First National Bank must have been in operation for at least 6 months
Application for internet merchant facilities with First National Bank

If you comply with the above, click here to get started now and PayGate will assist in arranging your merchant facility for you with First National Bank.