e Banking Al Baraka Algerie

e Banking Al Baraka Algerie

Banque Al Baraka D’Algerie was incorporated in May 1991 as the first Islamic Bank and operates under a commercial banking license issued by the Bank of Algeria. The main activities of the bank are retail and commercial banking. The Bank operates 30 branches.

 May 20, 1991 with a capital of 500,000,000 DA, and began to practice its activities effectively during the month of September 1991

As for the shareholders, they are the Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Algeria) and Al Baraka Banking Group (Bahrain).
Within the framework of Law No. 11-03 of September 26, 2003, the bank has the right to engage in all banking operations, including financing and investments, in
accordance with the principles of Islamic Sharia.

  The most important stages that Al Baraka Bank of Algeria went through:

  • 1991 Establishment of Al Baraka Bank of Algeria.
  • 1994 Financial stability and balance of the bank.
  • 2000 ranked first among private capital banks.
  • 2002 Redeployment in new market sectors, especially professionals and individuals.
  • 2006 Increasing the bank’s capital to 2.5 billion Algerian dinars.
  • 2009 A second increase in the bank’s capital to 10 billion Algerian dinars.
  • 2012 Activation of the first comprehensive and central banking system compatible with the principles of Islamic Sharia
  • 2016 Leadership in the field of consumer finance at the level of the Algerian country
  • 2017 A third increase in the bank’s capital to 15 billion Algerian dinars.
  • 2018 Best Islamic Bank in Algeria for the sixth year in a row (Global Finance), rated by magazine
  • 2018 among the best units of Al Baraka Banking Group in terms of profitability
  •  2018 is one of the most prominent banks in the Algerian banking arena.

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