Cell c ABSA Banking

Cell c ABSA Banking

Below is the dossier on the Cell c ABSA Banking on how tot top up airtime or data wherever you are.


Enjoy the convenience of topping up airtime, data, SMS and BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) bundles anytime with one of our easy-to-access channels. No queues, no delays. 

How to get it

Get it at an Absa ATM

Benefits and features
  • You don’t need to be an Absa customer, anyone can use our ATMs to buy airtime and bundles
  • Absa has close to 8 000 ATMs in the country making prepaid airtime accessible to you anywhere in South Africa — day or night
  • We cater for the services and products of all major networks in South Africa
How it works
  • If you are an Absa customer, once you have inserted your card in the ATM and entered your PIN number, select ‘Other Transactions’. If you do not have an account with Absa yet, select ‘Prepaid’.
  • Select ‘Prepaid Airtime’ and then follow the prompts to purchase the airtime amount you would like.

Buy it online

Benefits and features
  • Top up airtime and bundles online in only a few clicks on Absa Online
  • You can also create mobile beneficiaries for frequently made top-ups
  • You can also use Express to top up your own airtime and bundles or buy prepaid for once-off, new or existing beneficiaries
How it works

For Absa Online:

  • Log on to your Absa Online service and select ‘Payments’ at the top of screen
  • Select ‘Purchase Prepaid’ on the left of your screen and then follow the prompts
  • The airtime and bundles will be loaded within a few minutes at most and will be available for use immediately
  • You can do single, multiple (for several people at once) or once-off top-ups

For Absa Express:

  • Log on to your Absa Express service
  • Click on the Prepaid icon
  • Select the prepaid option you want and then follow the prompts
What you need to know
  • You can also buy Telkom landline vouchers on Absa Online and Express
  • On Absa Online, Telkom landline vouchers can be purchased in the ‘Purchase once-off’ section
  • The cellphone number the airtime is purchased for must be RICA compliant
  • Airtime, data, SMS and BIS bundles are Standard Network Products
  • We will not be liable for incorrect cellphone numbers or incorrect service providers selected
  • If you have changed your cellphone service provider, prepaid airtime at your old service provider will be lost
  • For further prepaid terms of use, please refer to your service provider

Load up with your cell phone

Benefits and features
  • You can buy airtime and bundles on-the-go, for yourself or anyone else on any of your mobile devices
  • The airtime and bundles are loaded directly onto the cell phone and available for use immediately
  • You can load airtime and bundles for anyone else — they do not need to be an Absa customer or even use the same cell phone service provider as you
How it works
  • Dial *120*2272# to log in
  • Select ‘Prepaid’ from the menu and follow the prompts
  • Make sure you use the correct number, since the transaction isn’t reversible
What you need to know
  • To top up with USSD, you need to be registered for the Absa NotifyMe service

Use our app to top up

Benefits and features
  • Buy airtime and bundles anytime of the day or night, wherever you are, using our app.
  • The app is free to download and use. You will only be charged for some transactions.
How it works
  • Log in on your account via our app or register for digital banking which gives you access to both mobile and online banking
  • You will be able to log in instantly
  • Go to ‘Prepaid Mobile’ and follow the on-screen prompts
What you need to know
  • The app can be downloaded on most mobile devices and is available on the App Store, Google Play and Windows Store

Top up on ChatBanking

Benefits and features·        
  • ChatBanking allows you to buy airtime and bundles straight from Facebook Messenger, Twitter or WhatsApp
  • ChatBanking is the quickest way to top up airtime and bundles for your personal use: it takes only 10 seconds to send the short-cut code and receive your confirmation
How it works
  • When you log in to Absa Online, select the ‘Express’ tab, then select ‘Settings’
  • Select ‘Manage ChatBanking’ from the menu and follow the prompts to complete the once-off secure registration process
  • After your registration is complete, log in to Facebook and search for the Absa ChatBanking page, or log in to Facebook Messenger directly and search for Absa ChatBanking
  • On WhatsApp, add Absa (08600 086000) as a contact on your device and find the new contact
  • Begin your conversation with ‘hi’ and we will talk you through it
  • Once you have completed a once-off secure registration process, you do not need to log in to use ChatBanking again
  • You can just open your existing chat and continue to transact
What you need to know
  • To use ChatBanking, you need a Facebook Messenger, Twitter or WhatsApp account and an Absa account registered with Absa Online.
  • For your own security, you are only able to purchase airtime and bundles for yourself via ChatBanking. This means anyone picking up your phone would not be able to use it to purchase prepaid for themselves or defraud you.
  • Your social media profile is securely linked to your cellphone number during the once-off registration process to prevent fraud.

Redeem with Absa Rewards

Benefits and features
  • All airtime vouchers are charged at discounted prices
  • You can exchange your Cash Rewards for prepaid airtime on Absa Online
  • You can redeem your Absa Rewards for Chat Cards from any of the following service providers: Cell C, MTN, Neotel, Telkom, Telkom Mobile, Virgin Mobile or Vodacom
How it works
  • Log on to your Absa Online account
  • Click on ‘Absa Rewards’
  • Select ‘Airtime’
  • Follow the prompts on the screen
  • We will send an SMS to your cell phone number on our database if you redeem for airtime, vouchers or convert to Partner Points
What you need to know
  • To exchange your Cash Rewards for airtime and bundles, you must have your Absa Rewards linked to your online account
  • Once you have made a successful request to redeem your Cash Rewards we cannot cancel or change your request
  • It remains your responsibility to ensure that all the information you supply during the redemption process is correct
  • If you have a complaint or query, you can contact the Absa Rewards Contact Centre on 0861 78 88 88 or send an email to [email protected]

Via Telephone Banking

Benefits and features
  • You can buy airtime and bundles from a landline telephone
  • No data or cellphone access required
  • You can choose from our self-service options or get assistance from a call centre agent
How it works
  • Call 08600 08600 to register
  • Select ‘Telephone Banking’ and simply follow the voice prompts for agent-assistance or self- service prepaid services
What you need to know
  •  To use our prepaid top-up service, you need to be registered for Telephone Banking