Capitec Bank Remote Banking

Capitec Bank Remote Banking

Why visit a branch when you can bank from home, work or wherever your laptop takes you? With Internet banking, you get simplified banking when it suits you.

Internet banking

We offer secure, easy-to-use Internet banking to save you money with no monthly subscription fee. Sign in now.

Access your main savings account, savings plans or credit facility when it suits you:

  • Transfer money between your accounts
  • Do payments (people or accounts)
  • Buy airtime, data and SMS bundles (for yourself or a friend)
  • Buy electricity (for yourself or a friend)
  • View your last electricity tokens purchased
  • Add beneficiaries
  • Add recurring (stop orders) or future-dated payments
  • Add recurring (stop orders) or future-dated transfers
  • Do credit facility transfers
  • Stop lost or stolen cards immediately
  • Update your daily card limits
  • Save and verify your email address for added security
  • View or download statements
  • View or download tax interest certificates
  • View your transaction and payment history
  • Register and maintain your SMS Update settings

Security elements


This is your account number, which is linked to your Remote Banking (Internet) profile for identification purposes. If you have been using Internet banking for some time, you would have chosen a username during registration. As with all sign-in details, keep your username secret to make it harder for criminals to access your account and lower the chance of identity theft.

If you call us (0860 10 20 43) with an Internet banking query, we may ask you for your username only. We have to do this to identify your profile so we can help you.


Your password is 6 – 18 characters long and includes letters and/or numbers. Choose a password that’s not easy to guess or obvious to those who know you. Changing passwords often will stop others from accessing your account at a later stage should they see you typing it while you are signing in. Don’t ever share your password with anyone; not even our employees are allowed to ask you for it. This password will be replaced by the Remote PIN when you register for the cellphone app.