Capitec Bank Online Shopping

Capitec Bank Online Shopping

To get your Global One card ready for a safe online shopping experience, you need to activate your Mastercard® SecureCode™.

How to activate Mastercard SecureCode for online shopping

  • Register your card for online shopping on our app or at a branch
  • You’ll receive an SMS with an activation code within 9 hours of registering. Do not delete this SMS
  • Wait 24 hours after you registered before activating SecureCode online
  • Have your activation codethe card you want to activateand ID number ready
  • Go to the SecureCode™ website

On the Mastercard SecureCode site

  1. Click on the Activate Now! button just below the Capitec Bank logo on the Mastercard SecureCode site
  2. Enter your card number and email address (your email address is only used for important service and security messages)
  3. Verify your identity by providing answers to security questions only you will know
  4. Create your SecureCode

Tip: To create a strong SecureCode, use a short, unique phrase only you will know and add special characters and/or numbers. Never share your SecureCode with anyone.

The benefits of using Mastercard SecureCode

  • Added protection to keep transactions private. Only you know what your code is – online stores you buy from won’t see it 
  • Accepted around the world at more than one million online stores in 122 countries
  • Fast, simple, convenient