Bidvest Bank Rates

Bidvest Bank Rates

Below is the information on the Bidvest Bank Rates


All rates are subject to change at any time and will only be confirmed on receipt of funds.


Call Deposits (R1 000 or more) – Rates are effective as at 14 September 2021

Interest Rates Per Annum | Payable Monthly
R1 000 – R24 9990.20%
R25 000 – R49 9991.90%
R50 000 – R99 9992.00%
R100 000 – R249 9992.10%
R250 000 – R499 9992.50%
R500 000 – R999 9992.60%
R1 000 000 – R4 999 9992.70%
R5 000 000 – R9 999 9992.80%
R10 000 000 upwards2.90%

Notice Deposits (R5 000 or more) – Rates are effective as at 14 September 2021

Interest Rates per Annum | Payable Monthly
32 Day Notice
R5 000 – R999 999R1 000 000 upwards
Other Notice Periods
41 Day61 Day91 Day121 Day

Notice Deposits (No longer available to open)

Interest Rates per Annum | Payable Monthly
6 Months9 Months12 Months

Fixed Deposits (R10 000 or more) – Rates are effective as at 14 September 2021

MonthsPayable MonthlyEnd of Term
2 Months3.89%3.90%
3 Months4.46%4.48%
4 Months4.60%4.63%
5 Months4.75%4.79%
6 Months4.93%4.98%
7 Months4.95%5.01%
8 Months4.97%5.04%
9 Months5.00%5.08%
10 Months5.20%5.30%
11 Months5.35%5.47%
12 Months5.55%5.69%
Pensioner Rate 12-month Fixed Deposit Only*5.70%5.85%
*The pensioner rate is applicable to customers aged 55 and older on a 12-month Fixed Deposit only.

Customer Foreign Currency (CFC) and Foreign Currency Accounts (FCA) – Rates are effective as at 14 September 2021


Fee Schedule

All fees are inclusive of VAT. Fees are effective as of 14 September 2021

Product – InvestmentChannelFee
Monthly Administration FeeAccount maintenance feeFree
Monthly Internet Banking FeeN/AFree
CashBranch3% of deposit value
Incoming Electronic DepositN/AFree
CashBranch1.50% of withdrawal value
Electronic Payments
Internal TransferInternet BankingFree
Mobile AppFree
Beneficiary PaymentsInternet BankingR30.00
Mobile AppR30.00
Same day via Internet BankingR65.00
Manual EFT to own account at a 3rd party bankEFTR120.00
NPS same-day clearing (Samos)R120.00
International Rand PaymentRand payment to a Rand account held by an overseas bankR1391.00
Statement Enquries (one free per month)
StatementInternet BankingFree
Mobile AppFree
Resend via emailR17.00
Statement request older than three monthsR27.00 + R11.00 per page
Payment NotificationsSMSR0.80
Penalty Fees
Unpaid ChequeN/AR250.00
EFT RecallN/AR250.00
Transaction Tracing QueryN/AR250.00
Deposit into a Clearing AccountFunds not deposited directly into your accountR500.00
Early MaturityFixed Deposit1% of the full amount invested Minimum R500
Early WithdrawalNotice Deposits1% of the withdrawal amount Minimum R500
Auditors Cerificates issued< 5 accountsR375.00
> 5 accountsR700.00
Dormant accountInactivity (dormant account) per monthR38.00
Query feeQuery on entries older than 2 monthsR120.00
IT3bReprint or resend via emailR20.00
Deceased Estate
Certificate of BalanceN/AR360.00
AdministrationAdditional charge could be levied based on complexity of estateR510.00
Duplicate documentsStatements, IT3b’s etcR27.00 for first page, thereafter R11 per page
Statement request older than 3 monthsR27.00 for first page, thereafter R11 per page