Bidvest Bank Loans

Bidvest Bank Loans

Finance the everyday operations of your business with a working capital loan, or raise funds to inject capital into your business for medium to long term growth. With our asset-based finance, business loans and advances, we build strong relationships with the energetic, growth-minded companies who bank with us.

Choose from:

  1. Asset-based finance:
  • Full maintenance leasing – covers unforeseen maintenance on your company’s vehicles.
  • Rental finance – similar to full maintenance leasing except that the monthly rental does not include maintenance and repair cover.
  • Instalment sale finance – purchase and pay off your vehicles and other movable assets over an agreed period of time.
  • Commercial property finance – buy or renovate commercial, industrial or retail property or re-finance an existing funding structure.
  • Medical equipment finance –  equipment and technology funding for medical professionals.
  1. Working capital loans for your company’s day-to-day operational expenses.
  2. General banking facilities

Your applications will be viewed case-by-case, where a repayment structure will be scheduled to suit your business’ individual needs. Our rates are competitive and your loan application will be considered based on your company’s financial standing and credit worthiness.

Note: Facilities are reviewed year by year and standard credit criteria apply.