Bidvest Bank Deposit Rates

Bidvest Bank Deposit Rates

Starting at a minimum deposit of R10 000, select an investment term from 2 to 12 months with no monthly account fees. The longer the investment term, the higher the interest rate. Interest can be paid out monthly or at the end of the term to a nominated account. There is also the option to reinvest the interest for another fixed term. Pensioners over 55 qualify for preferential rates on the 12-month fixed deposit.


Fixed Deposits (R10 000 or more) – Rates are effective as at 14 September 2021

MonthsPayable MonthlyEnd of Term
2 Months3.89%3.90%
3 Months4.46%4.48%
4 Months4.60%4.63%
5 Months4.75%4.79%
6 Months4.93%4.98%
7 Months4.95%5.01%
8 Months4.97%5.04%
9 Months5.00%5.08%
10 Months5.20%5.30%
11 Months5.35%5.47%
12 Months5.55%5.69%
Pensioner Rate 12-month Fixed Deposit Only*5.70%5.85%
*The pensioner rate is applicable to customers aged 55 and older on a 12-month Fixed Deposit only.