Application For First National Bank

Application For First National Bank, Welcome! We are excited you have decided to apply for a job opportunity with First National Bank. We are always searching for individuals who share our vision of delivering complete financial solutions to our customers. At First National Bank we value commitment, service, initiative, integrity, and excellence of self and others.


How to apply for an FNB Cheque Account

STEP 1: Logon to and select For Me.
STEP 2: Select Cheque Account under Day to Day.
STEP 3: Select Apply Now.
STEP 4: Select I don’t have Online Banking with FNB.
STEP 5: Enter your ID number and select Proceed.
STEP 6: Complete the required fields.
STEP 7: Select Continue.
STEP 8: Complete the required fields on the monthly financial commitments page
STEP 9: Select Accept.
STEP 10: Complete the required fields to customise your account.
STEP 11: Select Continue.
STEP 12: A confirmation page will be displayed. Check that the information is correct and select Edit if you wish to make any changes. Select Confirm.
STEP 13: Complete the required fields under Delivery details.
STEP 14: Read the Product terms and conditions and select Accept.
STEP 15: Read the FNB terms and conditions and agree by ticking the check box.
STEP 16: Select Continue.
STEP 17: Complete the required fields on the Register for Online Banking page and tick the check box to accept the terms and conditions.
STEP 18: Select Register.
STEP 19: Upload the required documents if you prefer to do this online.
STEP 20: If you don’t want to submit your documents online select Skip this step. If you have submitted your documents online select Upload.
STEP 21: Complete the required fields on the switch your salary page.
STEP 22: If you prefer not to switch your salary select Skip this step. If you have completed all the required fields on this page select Continue.
STEP 23: A results page will be displayed. Select Print to print the results page. Select Finish to complete the process.
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