Albaraka Bank Zeytinburnu

Albaraka Bank Zeytinburnu

Albaraka Türk Zeytinburnu Branch operates in the Zeytinburnu district of Istanbul. You can reach Albaraka Türk Zeytinburnu branch by calling 0 (212) 510-1022 or faxing 0 (216) 666-1739. You can use the call center at 444 5 666 or the online internet banking service at for your banking transactions outside of branch working hours.

Albaraka Türk bank code is defined as “203” and Zeytinburnu branch code is defined as “39” for money transfer (TL) transactions such as EFT or money order. The SWIFT / BIC code used for international money transfers (USD, EUR and GBP) is the same for all Albaraka Türk branches and is “BTFHTRIS”. For more detailed information, you can visit the official website of the bank.

The working hours of Albaraka Türk Zeytinburnu branch are 09:00 – 12:30 & 13:30 – 17:00. You can reach the branch on the phone 0 212 510 1022 during working hours. Call the Albaraka Türk customer service number 0 850 222 5 666 outside office hours. Albaraka Türk 39 branch code belongs to Zeytinburnu branch.

Telephone:0 212 510 1022

Fax: 0 216 666 1739