Albaraka Bank Will

Albaraka Bank Will

At Al Baraka Bank we focus on the needs of the community to promote an Islamic way of life. To this end we strive to develop products and services which are thoroughly researched and every effort is made to ensure that services provided adhere to all aspects of the Shari’ah and your direction.

Whilst many individuals and organizations may provide a service for the drawing up of your Will and the execution of your Estate, Al Baraka Bank has undertaken to provide a comprehensive service to South African Muslims under the auspices of our newly formed Estates Planning and Administration Division.

Al Baraka Bank provides:

  • A comprehensive Guide to completing your Last Will and Testament. (Booklet)
  • Drawing up of your Last Will and Testament
  • Safe Custody of Wills
  • Administration of Estates
  • Estate Planning Consultation

The Holy Qur’an and the Hadith lay great emphasis on the drawing up of a Will to ensure that a Muslim’s wealth is distributed, debts are settled and outstanding obligations to Allah are fulfilled in accordance with the Shari’ah. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is reported by Hadrat Ibn Umar (RA) to have said:
“It is not permissible for any Muslim person who has anything to will that he will spend even two nights without having his Last Will and Testament written and kept ready with him.” (Mishkat)

Estate Planning 

The advantages of utilising Al Baraka Bank’s Estate Planning Services are numerous.

We act impartially and prudently in addressing your particular requirements and actively involve ourselves throughout the planning process.

Our personnel have been trained by experts and advised by Ulema of the highest calibre to ensure that the South African legal requirements are met and that every aspect of the Shari’ah is fulfilled.

Our Estate Planning Service will provide you with complete peace of mind – knowing that your financial future and that of your family is being thoroughly taken care of.

Drafting of Wills

Al Baraka Bank’s service comprises the professional planning and drafting of your will, in accordance with the Shari”ah.

Estate Services

These specialised services have been created to facilitate the timeous arrangement and subsequent execution of the Will and administration of your assets and liabilities to the benefit of your heirs in the unfortunate event of your death.

Estate Administration

As the Executor of your Estate, Al Baraka Bank will gather and protect the assets, settle debts, calculate and fulfill outstanding religious obligations, make payment of bequests, through to the final distribution to the heirs.

As Executor we will act impartially in the distribution of your Estate and assure you that your Estate matters will be handled with the utmost confidentiality.

Who requires a Will

Any person aged 16 years or more in terms of South African Law, may have a will.

Appointment of an Executor
When making your Will you may appoint:

  •  Al Baraka Bank
  •  Al Baraka Bank jointly with another Executor
  •  Appoint your own Executor 

Guide to drawing up your Last Will and Testament

The Will is accompanied by a unique and handy pocket-sized guide that has been vetted by leading Ulema-e-Keraam and by the Office of the Master of the High Court, Kwa-Zulu Natal to ensure strict compliance with the Shari’ah as well as South African Law.

This comprehensive Guide covers many aspects of the Shari’ah relating to drawing up a Will such as:

  • Legacies (Wassiyah)
  • Settlement of debts and religious obligations
  • Overcoming problems relating to marriages In Community of Property
  • The guide includes a section for recording 
  • Unperformed Salaat (Qadah Umri)
  • Payment of Zakaat
  • Outstanding Qurbani and Sajdah Tilawat

These are but a few of the obligations that a Muslim has to take cognisance of prior to his death. The proper keeping of records makes it easy for the Executor to calculate and pay Fidyah (compensation) for any unfulfilled religious obligations of the deceased. 

The Guide together with a copy of the Islamic Will can be purchased from any branch of Al Baraka Bank, nationwide without any obligation to enlist the services of the Bank in preparing the will.


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