Albaraka Bank Syria

Albaraka Bank Syria

Al Baraka Bank Syria s.a. provides various Islamic banking products and services in Syria. The company offers current accounts, including investment savings and investment accounts; corporate finance services, such as international trade, goods, and project finance; treasury services, such as buying and selling currencies, and exchange deposits; and money markets services.

It also provides other banking services comprising electronic services, ATM cards, localization of invoices, Internet banking services, remittances, instant transfers and Western Union, funds, collection of checks, and issuing bank/checks and certified checks. The company is headquartered in Damascus, Syria. Al Baraka Bank Syria s.a. is a subsidiary of Al-Baraka Bank.


Mr. Mohammed Halabi
Chief Executive Officer

Alshahbander Street,
P.O. Box 100, Damascus,
TEL: +963 11 443 78 20
FAX: +963 11 443 78 10