Albaraka Bank Mobile App

Albaraka Bank Mobile App

We present Albaraka Mobile Branch app designed for you to carry out your banking transactions using your mobile phone or iPad with simple transaction steps easily. All transactions you will carry out over the Mobile Branch are free of charge.


You only need to sign up for Internet Branch membership to use Albaraka Mobile Branch. You can download the app to your device, complete the activation transactions and start using with your Internet Banking password. You will also get ŞifreAL Mobile, which is our Bank’s security product upon completion of Mobile Branch activation transactions. You can also use ŞifreAL Mobile product for logging in to Internet Banking. Our application supports phones and tablets with iOS and phones with Android.

You need to have Albaraka Internet / Mobile password in order to use Albaraka Mobile banking application. If you do not have a password, you can get a password with your debit or credit card information by clicking on “New User” field.


Albaraka Mobil uses two-factor validation. You can log into application either with your customer / Turkish national ID number and password or with face recognition function.

You can perform many banking transactions via Albaraka Mobile as followings:
• You can view your accounts and open current and saving accounts.
• You can view your cards, pay credit card debt, create a virtual card and update the limit of your virtual card.
• You can transfer money and perform a previous transaction again via “Repeat Transaction” feature.
• You can pay bills and top-up TL for your pre-paid lines.
• You can make express money transfer and learn your account balance and currency rates via Albaraka Asisstant.
• You can view your financings and pay installment.
• You can get notifications for your selected banking transactions.
• You can track FX rates and buy / sell foreign currency / precious metal.
In addition to these transactions, our corporate customers can authorize users for transactions and seperate their login and approval authorizations.


Internet Banking

Our Internet Banking system allows you peace of mind with numerous security enhancements.

Some of the different security channels we use:

  1. Profile Numbers
  2. Log On Verification Code
  3. Random Verification Number (RVN)

Profile Numbers

  • Al Baraka Bank uses a unique Profile Number Login for clients to access Internet Banking
  • The Profile Number is given to the client upon initiation of Account
  • Avoids the use of the client’s account number which can be found fairly easily
  • Provides additional security as only the bank and client have access to the unique profile number

Log On Verification Code

  • Additional Security over and above the use of a Password
  • Even if a password is breached due to clients following an email link to internet banking, which is commonly referred to as “Phishing,” Logon Verification is structured in such a way that full verification code is never exposed
  • Only the internet banking user has full knowledge of the logon verification code

Random Verification Code (RVN)

  • A Random Verification Number (RVN) is sent to the user’s cell phone before allowing one to make payment
  • No new or once off beneficiaries can be created without an RVN
  • Notifications in terms of transactions may be customised to suit your needs

Should you require further information, call Customer Services on 0860 225 786