Albaraka Bank Management

Albaraka Bank Management

Albaraka Bank has higly skilled and educated mangement at their service for their customers and the banks well being. Click the link below for more info on the Executive bank management and their details.


At Al Baraka, we believe in the power of people and their communities. That’s why we’re proud of our team, composed of highly skilled, experienced, and compassionate individuals, all working together for the good of our society. You can always rest assured that your best interests are being kept at heart, and that your dreams are being nurtured by our friendly team of customer service professionals. Whatever advice, support, or guidance we can offer you, you are always our top priority

Mr. Ahmed Shuja Kidwai

Chief Executive Officer

Mr.Mohammad Zahid Ahmed

Deputy CEO Support

Mr. Farhan Baig

Deputy CEO Business

Mr. Abdullah Ghaffar

Group Head Corporate & Investment Banking (CIBG)

Mr. Asim Asif

Group Head Commercial & SME Banking

Mr. Akif Imtiaz

Acting Group Head Retail Banking

Mr. Kanwar Shahzad

Head of Treasury & Financial Institutions

Mr. Muhammad Hammad Waqas

Acting Consumer Banking Head

Mr. Masoor Hussain Rao

Cheif Internal Auditor

Mr. Javed Husain Siddiqi

Chief Risk Officer

Mr. Tamim Shabbir

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Shahid Sumar

Chief Information Officer

Mr. Muhammad Raza Dyer

Group Head Operations

Mr. Syed Amir Raza Zaidi

Chief Compliance Officer

Mr. Mian Shaukat Ali Arif Sirhindi

Group Head of Digital Banking

Mr. Mukkarram Jafri

Head of Human Resources

Ms. Rahila Esmail

Head of Corporate Communications & Marketing

Mr. Irfan Hassan

Company Secretary

Mufti. Abdullah Najeeb Ul Haque

Resident Shariah Board Member (RSBM)

Mr. Zahid Mushtaq Bhatti

Head of Special Asset

Mr. Imran Zaman Khan

Head of Admin & GSD

Mr. Muhammad Saad Faruqui

Head of Shariah Compliance