Albaraka Bank Debit Card Discounts

Albaraka Bank Debit Card Discounts

You can meet your cash needs, do shopping or perform your all banking transactions with your 24/7 Albaraka Debit Card without visiting our branches.

  • You can use Albaraka 24/7 ATMs and other banks’ ATMs in Turkey.
  • You can access your accounts via all ATMs carrying the Maestro or Visa/Plus, TROY, UnionPay logo, withdraw money or do shopping abroad.
  • You can instantly perform banking transactions such as money deposit, balance inquiry and money transfer.
  • You can pay all your bills and taxes with your debit card via Albaraka Turk ATMs. Also, you can deposit TL and trade FX or gold.
  • You do not need to carry cash with you when you have a 24/7 Albaraka debit card.
  • You can use cash in your domestic and international purchases, and save time without waiting for change.
  • You eliminate the risk of your money being stolen or lost.
  • When you go abroad, you can have cash in the currency of the related country.
  • You can view all the transactions you made with your card, which you can use 24/7, via the Albaraka Internet Branch.

Al Baraka bank offers the following on their Debit card purchase

Al Baraka Standard Credit Card with amount up to: USD 1000
Al Baraka Silver credit Card with amount up to: USD 2000
Al Baraka Gold credit Card with amount up to: USD 4000 
Monthly payments: min. 10 % of the card balance
Repayment period: 40 days 
Profit Rate: 0 % 

Services granted to card holders (differs according to card type):

 Traveler Insurance
 Car Emergency Services