African Bank Online Application

African Bank Online Application

To apply for any service at African Bank you need to register with us online or you get to the nearest African Bank in your vicinity.. 

Click HERE to register online with us


  • Never give your Card, PIN or CVV number to anybody, including African Bank employees.
  • Always keep your PIN a secret.
    – Swipe, dip and contactless transactions will always prompt you
    to enter your PIN
  • Always ensure that you receive your Card back after every transaction and keep it in a safe place.
  • For Card Not Present transactions, e.g. online payments, the transaction will require an OTP.

Free online and mobile services

Register and connect online and you can transact safely free of charge. Transact anywhere and anytime at your convenience.

  •  Know your available balance
  •  Pay your Credit Card online
  •  Get a statement in 1 easy step
  •  Get a paid up letter in 1 easy step
  •  Get a settlement quote in 1 easy step
  •  Get tax certificate in 1 easy step
  •  Stop a Card in 3 easy steps
  •  Reactivate a stopped Card in 3 easy steps
  •  View or change limits in 3 easy steps