African Bank My World Account

African Bank My World Account

MyWORLD gives you the unique ability to bank with your loved ones through shared banking, while enjoying South Africa’s lowest banking fees.

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Create your own world of banking

MyWORLD is made to share. Create up to 5 unique Pocket accounts to share with friends and family, and enjoy SA’s lowest banking fees**.

African Bank is committed to offering you the easiest, most convenient ways to interact with us and your accounts.


The person who opens a MyWORLD account is the Primary Account Holder. Your MyWORLD account comes with:

  • One Power Pocket
  • One Savings Pocket
  • The option to link up to five Pockets to your account

Power Pocket

  • A separate account linked to your Primary Account
  • A separate card can be linked a Power Pocket account
  • It has its own unique account number
  • Made to share with friends and family
  • Add a Pocket User to bank using the Power Pocket card
  • Add up to 10 Members to view the account
  • You decide who can use the Power Pocket, and how

Savings Pocket

  • A separate account with a unique account number
  • Save money at SA’s best interest rate*
  • Enjoy immediate access to your funds
  • No card can be linked to a savings pocket
  • Add up to 10 Members to view the account
  • Perfect for savings groups

What are the benefits?


Connect online whenever and wherever. Self-service functionality, available 24/7 – we can help you online even when our doors are closed.


You decide when and how you would like to interact with African Bank.


The service allows you to interact freely whilst protecting your confidential information.


There is no monthly subscription or transaction fee for using the service.

What does it cost?

African Bank does not charge a monthly subscription or transaction fees for using the service.


Applicable airtime and data charges apply – these are determined by your network service provider.