African Bank Internship

The African Development Bank Group’s Ten-Year Strategy for 2013-2022 places the institution on a path to maintain its role as a key player in Africa’s quest to achieve substantial economic development and social cohesion (inclusive growth), while promoting the sustainable use of natural resources (green growth).


In implementing its Ten-Year Strategy for 2013-2022, the Bank’s present strategic focus is the High Five priority areas, commonly referred to as the High 5s.

The specific disciplines and specialist professional areas that are aligned to our Ten-Year Strategy (TYS) and our Gender Strategy are the following priorities (High 5s) of the Bank’s operations:

  • Light Up and Power Africa

Power systems development (grid-based power systems, power utilities); climate change and green growth (climate finance, climate adaptation); policy and regulation (energy statistics); renewable energy (off-grid energy access); energy partnerships (stakeholder engagement, energy markets).

  • Feed Africa

Agriculture and agro-industry (agribusiness development, agriculture research, production and sustainability); agricultural finance and rural development (agricultural and rural finance, rural infrastructure development).

  • Integrate Africa

Development research (macroeconomic policy, debt sustainability and forecasting, microeconomic, institutional and development impact); governance and public financial management (program development, policy management); statistics (economic and social statistics, statistical capacity building).

  • Industrialize Africa

Private sector development (strategy and new products, asset portfolio management, special operations); financial sector development (financial institutions, financial inclusion); infrastructure, cities & urban development (transport and logistics, ICT); industrial and trade development.

  • Improve the Lives of the People of Africa

Water, human and social development (education, human capital and employment, sanitation and public health, security and nutrition); gender and civil society (women’s empowerment, community engagement).

The Bank’s internship program also aims to deliver on the High 5s. 

 Objectives of the Internship Program

The Bank’s Internship program aims to:


(i) Provide students with the opportunity to acquire and develop the ability to work in an international environment;

(ii) Provide the Bank with a pool of potential candidates in the future; and

(iii) Enhance the visibility of the Bank and its development activities.

 Focus Areas of the Internship Program:

In addition to the Bank’s job categories, focus will be on the following sectors:

  • Power, Energy, Climate and Green Growth;
  • Agriculture, Human and Social Development;
  • Private Sector, Infrastructure and Industrialization;
  • Economy, Statistics;
  • Governance and Knowledge Management
  • Human Resources and Corporates Services: IT, Language Services, General Service & Procurement, HR Management;
  • Audit, Anti-corruption;
  • Communication & External Relations;
  • Public Relations;
  • Environmental and social assessment;
  • Gender.

The Bank strives to select candidates possessing professional degrees in the above disciplines and according to its business needs.

Eligibility Requirements

Participants in the internship program are selected on a competitive basis, based on business needs of the Bank.

The following are the minimum requirements:

  • Aged thirty (30) years and below as of December 31st of the intake.
  • Possess a bachelor’s degree and be enrolled in a master’s degree program or its equivalent in a recognized public or private institution of higher learning.
  • Apply for an internship within one year of having obtained the master’s degree.
  • Provide proof of enrollment from the university / professional institution/ school.
  • Citizen of a member country of the African Development Bank.
  • Ability to communicate effectively (written and oral) in English or French, with a working knowledge of the other language.
  • Female candidates are encouraged to apply.

In addition to the above criteria, preference will be given to candidates who demonstrate:

  • Ability to leverage knowledge.
  • Ability to share knowledge.
  • Adaptability to multicultural settings.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Working knowledge of a third language that is relevant to the Bank’s operations.
  • Experience on projects that have a direct bearing on the mission of the Bank.