ABSA Bank Online Banking

ABSA Bank Online Banking

With Absa Online, you can apply for an account, change account names, configure your NotifyMe settings and ensure you receive your eStatements. If you want to log on to our sites online to make your ABSA Banking easier for you, click on the link below.

  1. On the Absa website home page click on Logon in the top right of the screen
  2. Click Register
  3. On the Absa Online Registration page, enter your details and the code on the screen
    Click Next
  4. Enter your ATM card number and PIN
    Click Next
  5. Select the account to be charged
    Enter your email address and select your title
  6. Read and accept the Personal Client Agreement
    Click Next
  7. Under the Absa Online Security Information section, choose a strong 5-digit PIN
    Confirm the PIN for Absa Online
    Click Register
  8. Confirm SureCheck
  9. You are now registered to use Absa Online Banking

How to bank securely online

  1. On the Absa website home page click on Logon in the top right of the screen
  2. Logon to Absa Online Banking
  3. On the logon page, click Reset Pin
  4. Enter your Account number, User number and the CAPTCHA code
    Click Next
  5. A verification request will be sent to your phone
    Tap on the verification request
    Insert your passcode and tap Scan to accept
  6. Tick to agree to Scan your face and to verify your Identity
    Tap Scan my face
  7. Tap Allow for the Absa Banking App to access your camera
  8. Look directly at your phone and follow the prompts on the screen to scan your face
  9. Enter a 5-digit PIN to reset your Absa Online Banking PIN
    Re-enter the 5-digit PIN
    Tap Confirm
  10. Your Absa Online Banking PIN is successfully changed
    Tap Done
  11. If you need to change your Password, tap on Change my password?
  12. Enter your new password, re-enter it and tap Confirm
  13. Your Absa Online Banking password is successfully changed
    Tap Done

Note: Please ensure that you are using the latest version of the Absa Banking App and that your cellphone number is updated with Absa.

If you have deleted your verification device or have a new device which is not yet linked, you will need to link your device first using Facial Biometrics before you can reset your PIN and Password.