ABSA Bank Houses For Sale

ABSA Bank Houses For Sale

ABSA Repossessed Houses

ABSA Repossessed Houses, also known as an ABSA property in possession, is a canceled home loan agreement. The bank has had to repossess the property as a result of the previous owners not being able to pay off the full outstanding home loan amount.


These properties are sold by ABSA, or by agents working on behalf of ABSA, at prices well below their normal market value.

There are a number of excellent reasons to be shopping in the bank repo market:


Low Prices and 100% Home Loans

Besides getting a potentially great deal on the price of these repo houses, the bank is often willing to offer you a full 100% bond when applying for a home loan to buy a bank repo house.

No Transfer Duties

If you buy the house in your personal capacity, you will be exempt from paying property transfer duties.

No Arrear Property Rates & Taxes

ABSA will settle all outstanding Rates & Taxes before selling you the property. This could amount to many thousands of Rands.


Discounted Attorney Costs

By financing your new home through Absa Home Loans, you’ll enjoy the benefit of discounted attorney fees. (Check with the bank, as this benefit may not always be available)


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