ABSA Bank Home Loans

ABSA Bank Home Loans

An Absa Home Loan can be structure to suit your individual financial and family needs. We finance all residential property, whether it’s a freestanding house, a flat, a townhouse or vacant land.


Our goal is simple: to  help you get the home you want. That’s why we offer home loans that are quick, easy to apply for, and give you extra value. Anyone can apply and all our home loans come standard with great benefits.

How to get it and what you can expect

What you get

  • Get up to 100% home loan.
  • A choice of a variable or fixed interest rate.
  • Get flexible repayment terms of up to 30 years — the term can be changed at any time at no cost.
  • Immediate access to any extra payments you’ve made into your bond with FlexiReserve.
  • The ability to track your application online, from submission to registration.
  • Absa Homeowners Comprehensive Insurance to protect your home.
  • The ability to view your home loan balance and FlexiReserve amount on Absa Online
  • Free financial planning consultation to complement your home ownership decision (incl. will drafting).
  • Free eStatements.

Access to complementary value-added products


Absa offers value-for-money with Homeowners Comprehensive Insurance (HOC), Life cover and Absa idirect Short Term insurance products.

How it works

  • Have a bank account into which your monthly salary, of greater than R23 300 per month, is paid
  • Pay a deposit up front, reduce your Home Loan and reduce your monthly repayments
  • Pay extra every month into your home loan and reduce the interest cost
  • Use ReAdvance and Further Advance, together with a MultiPlan to access available equity in your home
  • Register for Absa Rewards
  • Get electronic access to your home loan with Absa Online and Telephone Banking if you have an Absa transactional account

What you need to apply

  • A single or joint gross monthly household income of more than R23 300
  • A valid, bar-coded South African identity document
  • An offer to purchase (if purchasing a property)
  • Your latest salary advice (or income statement if self-employed)
  • Provide consent to request three (3) months’ bank statement if banking with First National Bank (FNB), Nedbank or Standard Bank, otherwise provide three (3) months’ bank statements
  • Load a debit order repayment instruction