ABSA Bank Declined Codes

ABSA Bank Declined Codes

Below is the information about some declined codes of the ABSA Bank.



01Declined – Call Issuer
04Declined – Pick Up Card
05Declined – Do Not Honor See: What is a “05” Do Not Honor decline code?
10Declined – Partial Approval  See: What Is A “10” Partial Approval Decline Code
12Declined – Invalid Transaction
13Declined – Card Amount Invalid
14Declined – Card Number Invalid
15Declined – No Such Issuer
19Declined – Re-Enter
51Declined – Insufficient Funds
54Declined – Card Expired
57Declined – Service Not Allowed
61Declined – Customer Exceeds Withdrawal Limit
62Declined – Restricted SIC Code
63Declined – Restricted
65Declined – Customer Exceeds Activity Limit
78Declined – No Account
97Declined – CVV MisMatch


AADeclined – AVS No Match: Address
AIDeclined – AVS International AVS Not Supported
ANDeclined – AVS Not Supported
AUDeclined – AVS Unavailable
AWDeclined – AVS Not Working
AXDeclined – AVS: No Match: Address and ZIP
AYDeclined – AVS: No Match: Address or ZIP
AZDeclined – AVS: No Match: ZIP
BCDeclined – Card Brand Not SupportedSee: What is a “BC” Card Brand Not Supported decline code? Contact PayJunction to assist in activating this type of card brand on your account. See: How do I accept American Express?
BDDeclined – Merchant DeactivatedContact your merchant account provider, ISO or sales representative. Your account appears to be turned off.
BTDeclined – Terminal File Configuration ErrorContact PayJunction to resolve a configuration error.
BMDeclined – Merchant File Configuration ErrorContact PayJunction to resolve a configuration error.
CEDeclined – No Match: CVV Trinity 1.0 Response
CNDeclined – CVV Not Supported
CRDeclined – Chip Card RemovedSee: What is a “CR” Chip Card Removed decline code?
CVDeclined – No Match: CVV Trinity 2.0 Response
DTDeclined – Duplicate TransactionThe same transaction amount, invoice number and credit card charge account has been attempted within the last 10 minutes. This is most likely a mistake, change the invoice number or wait 10 minutes and try again. See: What is a “DT” Duplicate Transaction decline code?
FBDeclined – Fraud Card BlacklistedAccount blocked by merchant.
FFDeclined – Fraud Engine
FGDeclined –  Account blocked by PayJunction for fraud.
GBDeclined – General Bank Error
GFDeclined – General Format Error
GLDeclined – General Login Error
GSDeclined – General System Error
GKDeclined – General System Unknown Error
GUDeclined – General Upstream ErrorThere was a problem connecting to the processing networks.  Try again in one minute.There was a problem connecting to the processing networks. Try again in one minute.
LDDeclined – Merchant Daily Limit ExceededSee: How do I increase my processing limits?
LMDeclined – Merchant Monthly Limit ExceededSee: How do I increase my processing limits? 
LTDeclined – Merchant Per Transaction Limit ExceedSee: How do I increase my processing limits? 
NRNacha Reject
OLDeclined – Merchant Over Processing LimitSee: How do I increase my processing limits?
PPDeclined – Purged PaymentPayJunction has deleted an old, unused or expired payment from the system. Obtain an updated form of payment from your customer.
RCDeclined – Stop RecurringThe customer has specifically requested that the issuer block your recurring transactions from processing again. Obtain an updated form of payment from your customer, or have the customer remove the block.
SRDeclined – Transaction Rejected at Settlement.For an unknown reason, this transaction was deemed unacceptable at settlement time. In this case, the authorization code has been canceled and funds have not been transferred. Contact the customer and the customer’s issuer to resolve the issue.
UCDeclined – Refund Cannot Exceed Charge AmountA refund amount cannot be more than you have charged a customer’s card within the last 12 months. If you just ran this transaction, please try to void the charge instead.See: What is a “UC” Uncharged Refund decline code?